The world of marketing today is mostly about your online presence, although not exclusively, as print materials are surprisingly still very relevant.

Your Website is a Marketing Vehicle

A beautiful website doesn’t do a lot of good if it doesn’t fulfill the job of marketing your organization. That’s why at Wilford Design we approach every client’s project with marketing as a foundation. Your website needs to market your organization through capturing and extending your brand. The images, colors and text all need to work cohesively to create a website that is a fully functioning marketing vehicle. Sure it will be beautiful if we design it, but it will also broadcast an appealing and cohesive message to your audience of potentials client and customers. We will design it so that we guide the website visitor to the ultimate goal, such as calling you, filling out a contact form, or making a purchase.

Email Marketing

Email marketing may not get the buzz that social media does, but it’s just as relevant as it always has been and is much more targeted and in your control. We can set you up with a professional and appealing email marketing campaign which you can manage, or we can manage for you, whichever works best for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Once your website is created, it needs to get seen. Although paying for online ads is a quick solution for immediate exposure, we offer a longer term solution, which is extensive Search Engine Optimization for your website. All the sites we design are search engine friendly and will be loaded with keywords from the beginning. But to really target particular keywords and do well for them in the search listings, we need to do more extensive SEO. We offer custom, targeted SEO for your website which will bring results. Of course, some keywords will be tougher than others to get top ranking for, but we’ll work with you to set realistic targets and then get your site there. There are many SEO companies out there, and a lot of them are probably less than legit. We don’t promise you the moon, ask for a huge sum upfront and then leave you hanging. We work within your budget on a long term basis. Effective SEO takes time and patience, but it has much more lasting effect than that provided by fly-by-night companies.

Marketing Collateral and Identity Design

In addition to your website, your organization probably needs other marketing materials to complete a professional presentation. At Wilford Design, we have years of experience designing marketing collateral, such as ads, brochures, rack cards and post cards. We also have designed many identity packages for clients, which can include a logo, business card and letterhead.


Please contact us today to discuss your marketing needs. We’ll provide a low-pressure, no-obligation consultation so you can decide if you want us to help you professionally market your business or organization.