Branding is not just designing a logo. Sure, we design logos for clients, but we also offer assistance a branding consultant and designer. Branding is not advertising, although advertising can certainly add to a company’s brand. So let’s talk a bit about what a brand actually is, why it’s important no matter what size your organization, and how we can help you distill and emphasize your company’s “brand.”

At Wilford Design, we understand branding and work with our clients to capture their brand when we design websites, web applications, logos, marketing pieces and product packaging.

The best definition of a “brand” that I heard many years ago is that your company’s brand is the real estate in your audience’s brain in which they store all the ideas, experiences and emotions that they associate with your company. Let’s use the example of a company that cares about its brand, Virgin America Airlines. Virgin has nice planes, with modern design in the interiors. They even have very modern and hip waiting areas in some airports. They seem to be very focused on customer service and the customer’s experience, from the recorded voice in their phone system, which is always super friendly and even a bit casual and hip, to their phone reps and counter agents, who all provide excellent service. Virgin American has a very modern website where the seat ticket purchase is very intuitive, flexible and visual, even allowing you to select a seat based on an interactive seating chart. You can tell they are thinking about their customer’s experience from the care put into their website. So all of these elements go into the Virgin America brand, which also benefits of the branding of all the Virgin properties. Modern, hip, cutting edge with great service and also a good deal, that’s the Virgin America brand in my head. And I think that’s what they intended.

Below are links to a couple of case studies which are about helping our clients with their brand.

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