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Responsive and Clean Design

One thing we always tell our web design clients: the introductory paragraphs on the home page should first have some kind of interesting hook or angle, then it should summarize the business or organization in a few sentences. What is it you're really all about? In a nutshell. This introductory section will be the core of the rest of the website.

Ok, here's what Wilford Design is all about: first and foremost we are designers. We design websites, we design and program applications, we design traditional graphic design and marketing materials. We don't farm out our design or custom programming, we design and build our websites in-house, generally custom and from scratch. We know what we're doing and we think we're pretty good at it.

We are both a technology company and a design firm. We approach all our projects as design challenges. We like to make beautiful things. We build our websites with the best technology from our own designs and utilize an advanced responsive framework. We can program custom functionality throughout a site. We also program custom client business applications, whether it's a custom catalog, order system or customer management system.

We also enjoy collaborating with our clients as we build their websites or market their businesses.

If your business or organization needs to present itself professionally to the world, we can help you. That's our job, to help our clients be successful.


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  • Web Design

    We build gorgeous websites that tell your story. Our sites are responsive (they adapt to the user’s device: monitor, tablet or phone), built with clean code, search engine friendly and easy to use. You don't need to have any expertise in websites. That's what we are for. We are your consultant in the web design process and collaborate with you every step of the way to develop a website that is perfectly suited to your unique business or organization.

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  • Branding & Identity Design

    Branding is not just designing a logo. Your company’s brand is the amalgam of all the ideas, experiences and emotions that a customer associates with your company. We work with our clients to capture their brand when we design websites, web applications, logos, marketing pieces and product packaging.

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  • Website Maintenance

    Is your website out of date or broken in places and you have no help? That's where we come in. We offer a no hassle maintenance service to help you keep your website updated and working properly. Best of all you don’t have to pay a subscription fee where you either use it or lose it. You just pay us hourly to work on your site when it needs it, we like to keep it simple that way.

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  • Marketing

    When you need help marketing your business we work with you to develop a overall strategy and the various marketing pieces, including your website, email marketing, search engine optimization, print and web ads, and print collateral.

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  • Photography

    Good photography is often critical to a good website or design asset. There are many excellent stock resources for photos, but sometimes you need photos of your products, location or staff. Wilford Design can handle all of your custom photography needs, whether it be product shots in our studio or location shots onsite.

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  • Web Applications

    We can streamline your business processes with cutting edge website application development integrated with our elegant design aesthetic. Our applications are user friendly and beautifully designed, so your staff or your customers will want to use it. We are so sold on the power of online custom tools that we build our own applications for in-house process management.

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  • Web Hosting

    We offer a high-quality, professional, boutique website hosting service to our clients for a reasonable price. Our hosting setup is a little different than most. We only provide hosting to those clients we service, so we are able to keep it more secure and stable than a lot of hosts. Our servers are fast and secure, we don’t oversell them, and we have multiple backups in case of problems.

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  • Print Design

    Print is not dead. There’s something comforting about holding a printed piece in your hand, it has weight and texture and a gravitas that a web piece doesn’t always have. We live and breathe digital at Wilford Design, websites and applications are a huge part of what we do. But we also design nice printed pieces.

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  • Illustration

    Sometimes a custom illustration can be a very effective way to stand out from the crowd. We can create illustrations digitally, or by utilizing traditional media: pencil, ink or paint. There aren't a lot of firms that can offer this service along with the design and technology specialties we provide.

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Wilford Design Blog

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I started my design career long ago, back when we our design layouts were called paste-ups, because we would actually paste blocks of type and photos down on art boards. There was a device called a waxer which had hot, melted wax in a reservoir and you would run your carefully cut-out section of paper…

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