Web App Development

Wilford Design not only provides work-class design and marketing solutions, we also specialize in cutting edge website application development. Tap into our website application development expertise integrated with our elegant design aesthetic.


We work with you to figure out what you really need.


If an application is beautifully designed, people will want to use it. Steve Jobs understood this and stylish design has be a huge factor in the success of Apple and their products. We bring that same philosophy to the custom applications we build for you, your staff and your customers. Because our design team is in the same office as our development team, collaboration is baked into our process. Form follows function, design clarifies the tasks and elevates the user experience.


Your application should not need a manual or require training. The best applications employ your user’s intuition to understand how to perform the tasks they need to do. We get real user feedback to be sure our assumptions about the application interface are correct.

Attention to Detail

During preproduction, build, testing.

Robust Technology Solutions

We stay current on the latest technologies as website and programming technology is a fluid system, constantly evolving. We must evolve with it, to adapt new tools to the solutions we develop.

Built for Mobile

Let’s face it, almost everyone has their face buried in a smart phone these days. Your staff and your customers are more and more taking care of business on their phone. So we build applications in a responsive web framework, that adapts to any device, from the smallest smart phone to the largest desktop monitor.

World Class Application Hosting

We build our servers for power and speed and to handle large loads when needed.


In mobile and desktop environments, multiple browsers, windows and mac.


We have experience building super-secure applications, with multiple layers of security, tasked with securing the most sensitive user information. We can build your application to PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance or HIPPA Compliance requirements.

Site Management

We customize your administrative control panel so your staff can utilize powerful tools to manage your business. Run reports, manage customers and orders, update content.