Our Team

Michael Wilford

Wilford Design Principal and Senior Designer Michael Wilford received his Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from Central Washington University and started working in the design field before there was an internet. He has designed award-winning websites, advertising, packaging, marketing materials and logos.

Michael is not only an experienced designer, he is also an expert at helping clients distill their brand into a website and marketing materials that match the client’s goals and strategies.

When not burning the midnight oil at the office, Michael enjoys playing and singing old Beatles and CCR songs on acoustic guitar, playing electric blues guitar, reading about world history (Middle Ages and older) and is a fan of comic books and the Walking Dead tv series.

Dedra Jones-Wilford

Born and raised in Tacoma, award-winning designer Dedra Jones-Wilford has always had a natural talent for design and color as well as a lifelong interest in interior design and fashion. Dedra studied at TCC, UPS and UW, with a major in Philosophy and minor in Social Psychology.

Dedra is our secret weapon. She has a tenacious commitment to quality and a passion for design. Even on projects where she is not the designer, her incredible eye for detail and excellent taste ensures that our designs are always better after she’s reviewed them. Dedra is also our go-to color expert on the team. She can instinctively pick color palettes for our projects that are pleasing and perfectly appropriate. Besides designing and art directing at Wilford Design, Dedra also handles our bookkeeping and keeps things organized overall.

When not keeping things hopping at the office, Dedra enjoys composing the decor of every room at home, cooking, reading the classics and mysteries, gardening, watching Hometime, This Old House and old movies, and observing the backyard birds and rabbits.